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The best (and frankly only accurate) OnlyFans Income Estimator gives you an approximate of how much you can expect to earn a month or your monthly earning. It does this by taking into account several factors and provide as close as possible an accurate market value based on a large database of models and earnings (thousands of creators and models). We use AI and several data points to give you an accurate estimation. This however is by no means the most or least you can make. At the end of the day it depends so much on the individual and their willingness to succeed in this ultra competitive field.

The questions are just multiple choice and takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Yet this powerful tool will give you a scary accurate picture of your OnlyFans monthly average earnings.

It ultimately tells you How much can you make on OnlyFans per month. But again take this as industry expert estimate and nothing else.

Intro to Income on OnlyFans

Let's talk about what it takes to make money on OnlyFans - the success formula

It's no secret that OnlyFans pays creators millions of dollars every month. OnlyFans is literally making millionaires out of ordinary women everyday. Sure you've already heard about the millions Bella Thorne and Blac Chyna makes on the platform.

Most people know that getting a profile on OnlyFans is free and that you can start charging for content on your profile almost instantly. But how much can you earn on OnlyFans platform? How much can you really make on OnlyFans? And how much do other OnlyFans make?

Well, I’m here to tell you that the potential to make a lot of money on OnlyFans is very real. You can actually earn a lot of money on OnlyFans. Some OnlyFans have even earned well over $100,000 on OnlyFans. The truth is you can make as much as you want. You can earn a hundred bucks a month or you can make thousands. It all depends on your content, your engagement, and how you sell to your fans. Lets start from the top.

If you are prepared to put in the work, you can make well into mid 5 figures.

Here's the formula for OnlyFans success. If you get this right the sky's the limit.

Income (Subscriptions + Re-bill) = Traffic (Marketing & Promotions + Content) + Engagement

It is hard to make an estimate of how much any model can make on OnlyFans, simply because it depends on:

  1. The models look
  2. Existing network
  3. Quality of content
  4. Ability to market and drive traffic (Growth) to your profile via social media platforms or
  5. Willing to outsource marketing and management

It also depends on which are the main methods of monetization the model chooses on OnlyFans.

Would you start an OnlyFans account if it could be fully hidden from friends/family?

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an adult social media website site that allows people to pay to see private or exclusive photos and videos of content creators.

The internet has changed the way that content creators and their fans interact. OnlyFans a part of a league of new social media platforms that focuses on the content creator.

OnlyFans is a social media site that allows creators to interact with their fans in a more intimate way. It's defining factors are:

  1. It allows you the freedom to post NSFW/Adult content or almost any type of content without being censored
  2. Creators can monetize their content on the platform, creators are paid for their hard work

Traditional methods platforms for content distribution like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are being disrupted by new apps and websites.These platforms are tightly controlled and do not allow content creators to monetize their content, while they make billions on content created by their users.

How does OnlyFans work?

OnlyFans works like all the major networks with some major features

To get started on OnlyFans is simple (and free):

  1. You create a fan page, 
  2. Set a price
  3. Publish exclusive material and
  4. Tell the world and drive traffic to your OnlyFans profile, this is usually done through major social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Reddit
  5. Charge your fans for access

Users can choose to support you by becoming your fans, and you can offer them extra content for a fee. You’ll get paid for every new fan you get on OnlyFans. The best part of this business model is you set your own price! That's right, while other social platforms use you to make money via ads, you get the opportunity to make money from your content on OnlyFans. Creators can charge up to $50 per month for premium access to photos and videos on the site. It's best to start with a lower monthly earning then gradually raise prices to see where your sweet spot is.

Entertainers create their own subscription-only accounts, where they offer content such as photos, videos, or live shows. Revenue is created in a unique way, with members paying a monthly subscription fee to access the content. Members have to pay extra to get access to premium content.

You can create a private profile as well as a public (free) profile. Private profiles are only viewable by those who have been invited by the model. Public profiles can be viewed by anyone online. Models can also set different levels of access for viewers based on how much they spend. For example, if a viewer spends $100, he or she would get unlimited access to all the models' photos and videos. If the viewer spends more money, he or she gets additional features like being able to comment on posts.

OnlyFans Free vs Paid Profiles

Free vs Paid what you need to know

OnlyFans allows you to have to different types of profile:

  1. A free profile AND/OR
  2. A Paid profile

What is a Free OnlyFans Page?

OnlyFans Free account is like a private account in which the account is created by the creators of their fans. So that fans can send them direct requests and can access the content privately without paying a penny.

Some creators use free accounts to sell their content. These pages can generate as much revenue as the paid versions. If you’re interested in creating a free page for your favorite artist or band, you’ll find it easy to set up. Besides, a personal page on Onlyfans will only cost you a small amount of money.

How is money made on OnlyFans?

Here are all the ways you can make money on the OnlyFans Platform

So how does Blac Chyna and other popular content creators make that much on OnlyFans anyways? OnlyFans can be an amazing source of income for any creator. The idea behind OnlyFans is to offer people the chance to enjoy and monetize their creativity and talents. So whether you’re a big or a small influencer, you have the potential to earn on OnlyFans.

Monetizing content means finding ways to make money from what you create. Many platforms now allow you to do this in various ways, such as by advertising, selling products or subscriptions, and others. The question is: how can you monetize your content? There are several ways:

  1. Monthly Subscriptions
  2. Paid Posts
  3. Tipping
  4. Paid Direct Messages (DMs)
  5. Live streaming
  6. Fundraising

All these methods can add up to a substantial monthly earning.

OnlyFans Monthly Subscriptions

This is straightforward and possibly the main way of earning an income for most models.

You create a private OnlyFans account and put your content behind a paywall. You can decide how much to charge per month for your exclusive content / paywalled content. The minimum subscription cost you can charge is $4.99 and maximum subscription price is $49.99 USD per month as a subscription price. The great thing is you set your monthly subscription price. The average subscription fee ranges from $9.99 to $18.99.

Now You don't have to put all your content behind a paywall to benefit from the benefits of a site like OnlyFans, you can have a free account. However, doing so does give you

  1. the ability to monetize your work while earning money every day of the year. This is particularly important for people who can't make ends meet in a more traditional job.
  2. Allows you to establish passive income.
  3. Generates great interest in your content.
  4. Encourages loyalty from your fans.
  5. Makes content creation rewarding

Speaking about subscriptions, offering a discount to your customers is a great way to encourage repeat business. As you may not want to lose these customers over time, there are many ways you can keep their interest with loyalty and discounts.

In 2021 Creators Made Over $5.9 billion On OnlyFans. You Too Could Be Making Money Right Now! 

OnlyFans Paid posts

Paid posts are usually used if you have a free OnlyFans account, or sent exclusive content via DMs (see below for more info on paid dms). In fact, many creators are able to earn a living from their free accounts. One of the ways to do this is to put some of your posts behind a paywall, and this is a really effective way to add exclusivity to your content.

This works great for both account types but especially so for free accounts. The post is blocks and the only way to see the post is for a price that you set. Creators can charge fans up to $100 USD per post.

OnlyFans Tipping

Another way creators can earn is through the kindness of their fans via tipping. Tipping occurs online just as it does in the real world. On OnlyFans creators are tipped typically for a stream, interaction with a fan, or a great piece of content. Both Free and Paid OnlyFans accounts can enable tipping. The only prerequisite to enable this feature is an account must have five posts or more.

Tipping on posts

Fans can show appreciation for a particular piece of content by tipping the creator on that post or video. As a creator, you can choose whether or not to reveal to your subscribers how much a post has been tipped.

Tipping on stream

Tipping is one of the best ways to make money live streaming on OnlyFans. Subscribers are free to send you tips at anytime throughout your broadcast.

OnlyFans creators and fans can interact one-to-one in a very personal way through messages. Fans can send OnlyFans creators tips through direct messages. Creators also have the option of only allowing accounts that don't follow you back to send you a message if they attach a tip. This shouldn't be confused with paid messages (see Paid DMs below).

Set up tipping
Tipping on profiles
Fans can also show appreciation by simply visiting your profile and sending a tip directly to you. No effort or content on your path. Amazing!
Tip directly on Profile

OnlyFans Paid DMs

Paid direct messages is a really great way to make additional money on OnlyFans. It gives you another avenue to not only make more money but to get to more personal your subscribers and fans which can ensure they stay engaged and rebill every month. This can be great for the growth of your fan base.

You can use paid messages to send a variety of content, welcome new subscribers, and mass message your audience. This will help you maintain that essential connection with your fans.

You have a couple of options here:

  1. Set up a free page so you can receive tips (see above "tips" section for more info)
  2. You can set up your account so fans can tip to message you
  3. Put your message behind a pay wall so fans have the option if they want to view the message they need to pay

You can set up your account to show your profile or an image of your avatar. You can also set up your free page so that viewers can pay to view the messages that you have put up. And for those who want to earn money for their content, you can set up a paywall to make viewers pay for the ability to read your messages.

OnlyFans Live Streams

Go live on OnlyFans! Fans get to see a more authentic version of you, and you get to interact with them in real time. You can also show off your personal style or even go casual when talking to your fans, and most people enjoy seeing how much you care. Streaming allows people to watch events happening in real time. You can showcase your talents in real-life, and let your fans see what you do. Make sure you upload high quality videos, because people want to watch them!Live streaming videos require you to be online. You can earn money by making a live stream available to viewers who tip you. Or you can charge people to watch your live stream

Go live on OnlyFans by clicking the “Go Live" button. You'll see a pop-up window that asks you to enter your username and password. Once you do this, you're ready to go! Clicking the “Go Live” button starts the live stream process. This means you'll start broadcasting your webcam video to viewers who've chosen to watch you.

You have two options when you go live:

  1. can live stream by yourself or
  2. With another creator. This can be helpful if you're nervous about starting out. Having someone else to interact with can also help with nerves. Collaborations are fun and can increase followers. To start streaming, the first person would need to go live, and then the second person would have to request to be added as a collaborator. This is done by clicking the request' button.

Live streaming is definitely profitable!

You can earn in two ways:

  1. Tipping (discussed above) - You can also use this feature to get paid when streaming on OnlyFans!
  2. Payment-gated streams (only available to free accounts). You basically you put your live video behind paywall and set an entrance fee for viewers to join and watch your live stream. The minimum ticket price is $5. This feature is great for musicians, beauty professionals, chefs, dancers, comics or actors doing live shows, or any creator who want to stream something special.

OnlyFans Fundraising

Charity is important, and so are you! Did you know there's an awesome fundraising feature in OnlyFans. Yes! And its easy to use. On your home screen just click on the three-dots icon to expand them and click on the dollar sign icon in the middle of the expanded icons.

Next you will see a box pop up asking you how much money you want to raise. Enter the amount you want to target, note it must be greater than $10, then save. Once that's completed enter the details of your fundraising (Me! isn't enough?). Then set your options like this: $10, $20 etc. This is the amount each individual fan will actually donate. Obviously this is going to depend on your target amount.

Once you're done adding the details, images and other (unimportant) information hit post. Consider pinning this post so it will appear at the top of your profile for anyone that visits your page. Now sit back ad watch the 'donations' roll in. Great all you need to do is drive traffic to your profile and everyone will see it pinned to the top.

How much does OnlyFans take? 

And how much does Onlyfans Pay Creators

You know everything in life isn't free. And so is the usage of the OnlyFans platform. Yes they charge a fee but the good news is it is a percent of your net income ie if you don't make any money you don't pay!

OnlyFans take 20% of all creator earnings or revenue of content creators. While it sounds like alot consider these are to cover expenses such as referral payments, payment processing, hosting, support, and all other services. That means you get 80% of total earnings but don't forget to consider cost of subscriptions to services such as linktree or OnlyFans Account Manager (if you have one) as well as those dreaded taxes.

How To Cash Out

How to get cash to you bank account

Creators have two balances in their account:

  1. A pending balance of total earnings that are still being processed. This amount becomes eligible to withdraw around eight days after earning and
  2. Current balance that they can drawn down on.

Creators can cash out when there is at least $20 USD in their current balance. When you make a creator account on OnlyFans you are required to link your bank account to your profile. You can set up one of two types of withdrawals:

  1. An automatic recurring payment - your payments are transferred directly to the linked account
  2. Manual transfer method - you decide when and how much money to withdraw form your account.

Withdrawals usually take around two days to appear in your bank account.No taxes are deducted, this is something you must take care of yourself.


We've given you the best information on OnlyFans we have

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  1. What is OnlyFans
  2. The main methods of making money on OnlyFans
  3. OnlyFans estimator that gives accurate earnings calculator.

While  We can't give you an exact figure but we can tell you to have major monthly earning you must put in the work and dedication. I'm sure you've got some questions about this site. Please feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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